Garage Door Roller Replacement

Garage door rollers connect the door slab to the system’s tracks, therefore they are responsible for the door’s ability to function smoothly and properly. Having a cracked or broken roller will cause the door to shake, make loud noises, or even get stuck. Replacing your garage door rollers is not always the most straightforward procedure, as there are many various components to consider. If you have a problem with your rollers call us today for same-day service from one of our professional technicians.

Broken Garage Door Roller

What are Garage Door Rollers?

So, you have found out that your garage door rollers need replacement. What does that mean? In a nutshell, garage door rollers are the wheels on your garage door that result in the door’s movement along the metal tracks next to the structure. These wheels slide up the tracks to lift it when it opens, and they slide down when the door is closing. A garage door that stutters while moving along the tracks can be an indication that you need garage door rollers replacement. The smooth operation often means that the wheels glide up and down easily and allow for an efficient transition. This means that your rollers are still in good condition.  

Garage Door Roller Issues

Garage door roller issues can be a result of various factors. The most common problem is due to general wear and tear. It is because of this reason that maintenance is crucial. You need to ensure regularly that the tracks are aligned correctly and that they are sufficiently lubricated.

A key indication of you needing to replace these components is how your door operates and how it moves. Does it move smoothly, or is the process very abrupt? If you find that the garage door gets stuck often, then it is time for a repair. Replacing garage door rollers can result from more severe problems that include:

  • The tracks detaching from the walls and rollers.
  • Loose or dented tracks cause the rollers to get off track and damage them.
  • Rusted or broken garage door rollers.

No matter what type of problem you are experiencing, we can provide the necessary service to repair your garage door.

Old Garage Door Roller

Types of Garage Door Rollers

You have the option to choose between three different types – plastic, steel and nylon. Our technicians do provide a recommendation based on your particular circumstance. Whichever kind of roller you opt for, you need to ensure that it is of high-quality and that it is being installed correctly. Our technicians are trained; therefore, we can guarantee that the correct installation procedure is followed. Proper installation means that the rollers make as little noise as possible and that they operate smoothly.

Plastic Rollers

Plastic Garage Door Roller

Plastic garage door rollers are the cheapest option you are going to find. This is justified by the fact that they are do not last as long as the other options. Plastic rollers are the weakest and least durable option on the market.

They cannot support a great deal of weight; thus, they are most suitable for residential houses or single-panel garage doors.

Steel Rollers

Steel Garage Door Roller

These types of rollers used to be the go-to option before the introduction of nylon rollers. Steel garage door rollers are a suitable option as they are durable, strong, and long-lasting. They are not unreasonably priced either; however, out of all the options, they do make the most amount of noise. The noise level is not ideal for most people, but if you need something that can carry heavier weights, this is an excellent option.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon Garage Door Roller

Nylon garage door rollers are the option recommended by the majority of experts. They combine the positive attributes of plastic and steel rollers. They are lightweight,  don’t make a great deal of noise, and can support various weights. 

In addition to this, nylon rollers operate exceptionally smoothly. They glide across the tracks quickly and result in effortless movement. Our team of professionals tends to recommend these rollers to most consumers.

Why Trust Us as To Replace Your Garage Door Rollers?

Garage Doors of Boston should be your trusted garage door repair company for various reasons. Our team cares about the standard of services you receive; hence, you can expect to obtain exactly what you would expect and more!

We have licensed and experienced technicians who work seven days a week to ensure you will get same day service, which means that your problem can get resolved immediately. Furthermore, having a trusted professional to replace your roller saves you money in the long run, as you’re not going to have to spend more fixing a botched repair job.

If you have a broken roller, leave us a message today or reach out to us at (617) 500-2165

Garage Door Roller Replacement
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