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Garage door springs are one of the most important parts of any garage, as they act as a counterbalance whenever your garage door raises or lowers. Therefore, we supply only high quality springs that are built to last at least 10,000 cycles (roughly 7 years), so if you are having an issue with your springs call us today for same day service.

Broken Garage Door Spring

What Happens When the Springs Break?

There are two types of garage door springs – torsion and extension. Each spring is meant to act as a counterbalance whenever your garage door raises or lowers, providing a smooth transition.

However, if your springs are broken, your garage door cannot function properly. There are ways you can tell you have a broken torsion spring or broken extension spring. If the springs are not in one piece, it’s a good indicator the spring broke due to force. Another way to tell is if the door doesn’t open correctly.

If you have a broken garage door spring, give us a call to get your spring replaced. We offer a weekly seven-day service with affordable prices and certified technicians. 

Garage Door Spring Repair Best Practices

Choosing the wrong garage door springs will not only make your garage door not work properly, it can also damage other parts of the door. That is why we follow these guidelines.

Replacing Both Springs

Your system may have one or two springs. But even if only one of them is broken, our tech always replaces both of them. We do this to ensure your garage door won’t fall right off the track.

Springs work together in tandem. If we only replace one extension spring, the other one ends up being weaker. With an uneven shift in this power dynamic, your door becomes misaligned and may fall off the track. For this reason, both springs need to be of equal durability.

Garage Door Springs
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Using the Right Garage Door Springs

Our company ensures the use of premium materials for your garage door springs. We only use high-quality and high-cycle springs, which carries long term usage. These types of springs can last several years, for about 10,000 cycles in total.

Safety Inspection

Before we begin and after the job is done, our team performs a thorough safety inspection. We need to make sure all the hardware within your garage door is in acceptable working condition. By following safety guidelines, we guarantee your overall safety as well as ours.

Types of Garage Door Springs

There are two garage door springs, which are torsion and extension. Both of them work differently, so you must tell the difference between the two.

Extension Springs

Extension springs expand and contract during operation. They stretch out through pulleys and cables, which are usually attached to the corners of the garage door.



  • Considerably affordable costs

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are located directly above the garage door. They are coil-shaped, metallic, and a commonplace among homeowners. You can actually see the springs turning when your garage door opens, since it uses torque for movement.



  • Low risk of snapping due to durability
  • It tends to last much longer overall
  • Allows more control for smooth operation

Replacing Extension Springs with Torsion

Most professional services recommend torsion springs for your garage door. If you’re a homeowner who wants to replace their extension spring system with a torsion version, we have you covered. Garage Doors of Boston offers what’s known as a torque spring. These are tightly-wound coiled springs that use radial instead of linear force. In other words, torque springs are more compact and have more power to lift heavier doors.

What Not to Do After the Springs Break

If the spring to your garage door breaks, you should exercise severe caution. Due to their overall weight, heavier doors with broken springs can damage the opening gears. Since it is a safety hazard, avoid lifting the door manually until you get it repaired. If it falls, there is a potential risk of injury or death.

The Dangers of Replacing the Garage Door Springs Yourself

DIY projects are not at all advisable – without extensive knowledge or the necessary tools, you could put yourself in a dangerous situation. Repairs are also costly and time-consuming. Let us do all the hard work for you; we have the years of experience to back up great service.

Why Trust Us as Your Professional Garage Door Repair Company

When you need a spring repair or spring replacement, look no further than Garage Doors of Boston. Your garage door springs need to be installed with professional service. We comply with safety guidelines to ensure no mistakes are made and everything is under control. Our company takes great care into all the little details which make up for installation, such as inspecting each part in advance. With several years under their belts, our licensed technicians are more than able to tackle any problems your springs might have.

With our knowledge and expertise, your garage door repairs can save you money in the long run. We are completely dedicated to providing you a professional service, which shows in our work. As we start repairing or replacing your springs, we prevent any potential damage to other garage door parts. Don’t go about doing it all by yourself- consider what Garage Doors of Boston can do for you. If your spring is broken, give us a call, and we can promptly assist you.

If you have a broken spring, leave us a message today or reach out to us at (617) 500-2165

Garage Door Springs
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